Avoid Web Design Mistakes

September 16, 2019
September 16, 2019 cmdigitalagency

4 Worst Web Design Mistakes You Should Seriously Avoid

Web design mistakes, small or big, give a blow to your profits. Avoiding them is the only way. Isn’t it? It’s better to switch to professional web design services if design blunders you have created are wreaking havoc on your ROIs. But most people don’t figure it out anytime sooner. Unfortunately, if you don’t fix them on time, that day won’t be too far when your site will be deserted completely.

So if you think, it’s time to analyze what’s wrong with your web design, then here are the web design mistakes to watch out in 2019:

1. Living With an Unresponsive Site

Still, relying on a website that’s not responsive? You need to fix this web design blunder before you lose a major number of your prospects to your competitors. Consider any top-notch web design services offering responsive design solutions and you would be back on your feet quickly. Google emphasizes a lot on building mobile-responsive websites. So you should be there before you lose more profits and miss out on a chance to reach mobile users.

2. When Your Website Takes Minutes to Load

Is your website taking more than 3 seconds to load? Blame it to heavy-pixel images that you have used all over your website. It’s the serious design mistake that puts your growth on the back-burner. Why? It’s not hard to figure out. Think as a layman. What would be your reaction if the site you are visiting taking a very long time to load? Needless to say that you would close it immediately. Studies reveal that the sites that load under 3 seconds receive more user clicks and win more profits than the ones that take forever to load.

3. When Your Font Size is Too Small

Using too little font size on your website? You can’t grow with it for sure. It’s a mistake that forces your site visitors to close your website because they find it difficult to read. You might like to consider the optimal font size that works in your industry. Ask your web designer to come up with a more user-friendly font size that’s easily readable and offers users the ease of accessing your site.

4. When You Place Social Media Signals at the Top

Your designer has placed your brand’s social media icons at the top corner of your website? It’s a big mistake. While you might like to let your users take a glimpse of your social media profiles, still, it backfires most of the time if the positioning is wrong. Chances are that your site visitors will slip away to social media platforms and never make a return to your site. So instead of putting your social media signals at the top corner, better place them at the bottom.

The Key Takeaway

It’s easy to fall into the trap of web design mistakes if you design it on your own. So instead of designing a mess, better leave the design initiative to a professional web design agency that has the skills to design it to perfection. This way you would no longer have to deal with the backlogs that web design mistakes create for your business.

Seeing any of the web design mistakes (listed above) in your web design? You should act before you lose ROIs due to design blunders. Rely on CM Digital Agency’s expertise to design your site in a mistake-free manner. Avail our outstanding web design services for effective branding. Let’s get in touch.