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July 9, 2019
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July 9, 2019 cmdigitalagency

How to Increase Followers of LinkedIn Company Page?

Connect Your Employees

Your own employees are the best place to start adding followers – after all, they’re your prime promoters. Tell them to make and absolute LinkedIn profiles – once they comprise your company name, they automatically become followers of your Company Page. Invite them to contain a link to the Company Page in their email signatures.

Promote The Page Outer The Company

Connect to the Company Page in all of your marketing connections like your emails, newsletters and blogs. Invite customers, partners, and other key audiences to turn into followers.

Add Follow Button to Your Website

Boost LinkedIn Followers on Company Page with Follow Button. Exchange visitors who come to your site by making it easy for them to just click on a button to follow your Company Page. Get the Follow button here.

Take part in LinkedIn Groups

Social Groups are immensely popular, with more than 1 million established on LinkedIn. They’re an efficient way to emphasize your Company Page and magnetize more followers. You can open your own discussions, or you can add to admired discussions that other members have created. Also, if you handle LinkedIn Groups that focus on your company or industry, or contribute in other groups, you can mark these groups on your Company Page.

Make Your Website Mobile Responsive

More people now browse the Internet on their smartphones than on a desktop or laptop computer. Search engines, like Google, don’t like unhappy Internet users and since mobile responsiveness is a big deal for a user experience that it is now a ranking factor in its search ranking algorithm. By having a website that is mobile friendly you not only satisfy search engines and possibly get a boost in search results rankings, but you’ll also give your site visitors a pleasant experience.

Launch Follow Ad Campaign

These ads show during LinkedIn and can be targeted to members in exact industries, companies, and regions to assist you to attract the right followers for your company. Follower ads support potential followers to click on the Follow button and join your page. When associates follow your company, that action increase through their network as an update, which motivates others to follow too.

Share Image Content

Always make use of images in your post. Images search for more attention to your posts and boost engagement and visibility.

Avoid Self Promotion

Make sure to avoid self-promotion of your company. Follow the 80% to 20% rule, 80% would be informative and 20% would be promotional content.

Post Useful and Value Content

Add posts which are useful and valuable content to your company page before you ask people to follow so that they find it tempting enough to follow it. Then frequently keep sharing interesting and useful information, updates and links on your page to keep them interested.


As you build your follower community, be sure to improve their engagement by posting daily status updates. Get started by reviewing the new LinkedIn Company Page Notification Center or visiting the Company Page Best Practices source page to learn more.

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