UI/UX Trends 2020

July 12, 2019
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July 12, 2019 cmdigitalagency

Latest UI/UX Designing Trends 2020

The designer needs to update about the latest design trends. The style of work should amend and go forward to keep work clean and echo with clients and products. The 2020 year collected a lot of trends from the last year and also adds some new trends. So check out the important trends you should know.

UI Design Trends

Bright and Custom Made Illustrations:

Custom illustrations with bold, vibrant colors and hilarious stylized people are coming back in 2019 and become the main trend of the year. According to the figures, this type of content can change 7 times better than any other type of visual content. Nowadays companies take more benefit from custom illustrations. Using custom illustrations, the company shows the individuality of the values of their brand. This approach in design helps businesses get closer to their customers by making their experience with a brand more tailored. Without a doubt, these custom illustrations are expensive but opting for them you’ll get a lot of hit for your jump. The most popular directions are illustrations with simple shapes and isometric forms.

Liquid Graphics

Design becomes more digitized, and designers and artists following these trends bring difficult forms of color to the real world. And liquid, holographic, chromatic forms, and glitters are everywhere, including the UI design. It concerns not only graphics but also typography.

Creative & Bold

Bold and Large Fonts are very popular in this year. In so many cases, letters are replacing background images and present the main factor of the page. Also, this tendency calls to another typography trend — Outline typography. These trends are frequently mixed together and joint with bold and very large bodies.

Dark Themes

The dark themes started to triumph after the Mojave update was released. Dark side attracts users and world-known companies have released software updates with dark themes.

Creative Loaders

Not for the first year motion design keeps in trends. The public like funny, malleable animation. The UI design also uses motion in different loading cases. Complex, entertaining animation hooks the user, and also allows personalizing user experience.

Animated and Static

The 3D design is one more prominent trend. Now it’s not only a static design but also an animated 3d graphic. Various simulations of natural materials, the movement of objects and mind-blowing combinations of objects in compositions pique users’ interest and make them stay.


In contrast to the resurgent color schemes popular in 2018, the minimalist design is coming. The harshness of the interfaces is chosen by the product companies, highlights the static nature, elitism and the high quality of their services and products. Simplicity is achieved by using a monochrome color palette and bold font turns.

Trends in UX design

Voice in Interfaces

How many times did you hear “OK, Google?” recently Google, Alexa, and Siri are our day-to-day helpers. Almost 50% of all searches are being made using the voice because there are many benefits such as no need to use your hands.


People use micro-interactions in all software products. Micro-interactions provide extra spontaneous insight into the interface. With fluid animation makes, the interface looks more dynamic and lighter and it also makes everyday interactions more entertaining.

Frame Screens

This method makes users believe that your project is fast. While your app is loading frame screens give you the sensation of level work, ease and accuracy of it don’t leave the user.


With the productivity of smartphones, where the whole surface of the phone’s front panel occupies the screen, gesture control has become a totally essential approach to navigation. Now everyone wants to decrease the number of controls and boost the spontaneous gesture control.