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Augmented Reality App Development

Our Expertise

Our Augmented Reality app development solutions cover almost every industry.

With our proficiency in it, we are poised to augment and then develop the way solutions are envisioned.

CM Digital Agency is one of the leading Augmented Reality app development companies that develop innovative, immersive, and engaging AR apps for both the iOS and Android platforms to serve myriad of industries including healthcare, e-commerce, retail, travel, real estate, entertainment, and more. Enterprises and start-ups looking to adopt AR can heavily rely on us for developing AR apps that are highly personalized and free of real-world distractions.

AR in Ecommerce

Motivate your e-commerce buyers and provide them customized user experience through AR. The digital superimposition of 3D objects does wonder by helping customers to get an immersive and enhanced digital experience.

AR in Healthcare

Enhance your ability to diagnose, treat and perform surgery on patients by entering their MRI data and CT scans on the AR screens to get a 3D model and perform accurate surgeries. AR allows doctors to render patients’ anatomy that helps in providing better care and faster operations.

AR in Marketing

Enhance customer experience by giving your customers a richer, highly personalized augmented view free from any distractions. AR-generated marketing campaigns and immersive experiences result in better customer engagement, increased brand awareness, and perceived value.

AR in Entertainment

Power your PR and marketing initiatives including media promotional campaigns, events, and pictures with recognition-based AR. Give a real-life experience to your viewers and audiences with immersive visual content so that they could experience the thrill and watch the plot happen around them.

AR in Education

Teach complex and abstract concepts to the students interestingly with AR apps. The visual stimulation power and interactivity in AR adds the dimension to the learning process giving them a A better idea of how things exist and function in the real world.

AR in Real Estate

Level up your real estate business by developing interactive AR apps. AR app features enable users to visualize the physical spaces through augmented 3D models and have the opportunity to view the property from every angle, inspect surfaces and walk around the units.

How AR App Development Services Can Benefit your Business

Augmented Reality Apps have managed to take the innovation to another level in every sphere. This technology allowed business to involve AR apps in marketing strategy in order to carve a niche in the competitive world.

  • AR solutions offer the users detailed and additional information about a product.
  • AR apps usability forecasts on the customer so that it can improve the online user’s experience.
  • Augmented Reality featured app can be integrated into an existing mobile solution without the need for a separate app.
  • AR is the best solution for business looking to raise sales figures by targeting smartphone users.
  • AR supports marketing and campaigns of brands to improve the resultant sales remarkably and reduce the rate of returns.

SDK’s/Frameworks/Tools used For AR App Development

We work on a wide array of Framework and Tools based on the Supported Device (Mobile Phone, TV, Gaming Console, AR/VR HeadSet) and OS (iOS, Android, Windows).

Android Studios
Microsoft HoloLens

AR Platforms

We will help you identify which Platform to choose based on the features required for the Application such as Marker Tracking, SLAM Tracking, Image Tracking, GPS Tracking and 3D Object Tracking.

We transform your ideas into remarkable digital products.We transform your ideas into remarkable digital products.We transform your ideas into remarkable digital products.

If you are thinking to transform the way you do business, speak with Augmented Reality experts to know how we can help.