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Blockchain Development

Our Expertise

Drive Digital Innovation with Blockchain Technology

CMDA is ranked among the top ten Blockchain App Development Companies. This highly secured, distributed and open technology lowers cost, is accessible and reliable, and enables an ecosystem of trust with your supplier, customers, and partners while speeding up the processes.

With our proficiency in programming Blockchain, cryptography, and peer-to-peer communication protocols we support our client at every step to help them launch the next virtual currency like bitcoin or Ethereum.

Benefits Of Choosing Blockchain Development

Blockchain technology is beneficial for all industry types varying from Medicine to Finance. Blockchain application development offers to enhances transparency and security with easier traceability.

Specialized Blockchain services

CM Digital Agency integrates the blockchain software with the existing enterprise systems to ensure a safe and secure environment for business transactions.

Private Ethereum Blockchain Development

A safer alternative to the public blockchain that keeps the database safe. As a blockchain development company, we leverage Private Ethereum Blockchain Development flexibility and develop a system with the help of Ethereum consensus. The result is a highly secure private blockchain infrastructure.

Smart Contracts Development (ICO)

Whether you want an automated claim settlement, invoice smart contract, Asset Traceability, Insurance Policy Tokenization, or health wallets- we’ll analyze, understand, and deliver a highly efficient, state-of-the-art Smart Contracts Development ICO. To reduce human interventions and mistake with our ICO solution, hire expert Blockchain developers.

White label Crypto Exchange Development

Unified is a pioneer in extraordinary white label crypto exchange development to facilitate faster and secure transactions. Build a scalable cryptocurrency exchange platform that focuses on connectivity, security, and seamlessness with features like automated market making, marginal trading, a high-quality trade engine, and an atomic swap.

Cryptocurrency Wallet App Development

By allowing users to earn, transfer, and monitor visual currencies, cryptocurrency wallet app development is one of the top preferred way-outs for money transfer and storing. We take pride in developing high valued secured wallet app development, including the topmost features like a paper wallet, conversion rates, etc.

Decentralized Application Development (dApp)

Decentralized applications or dApp are the most secure alternative to centralized exchanges. We have experience in Decentralized Application Development (dApp) using smart contracts as a feature. For clients who come to us with high-security needs, we help them with dApp within a short time.

Distributed E-Commerce Development

The effect of blockchain in the eCommerce and retail industry is quite evident. Blockchain technology is making transactions and money transfer secure, reducing the hassles of buyers and sellers both. The Distributed E-Commerce Development will continue to bring notable changes.

Blockchain IoT app Development

Internet of Things integrated Blockchain can bring you more profitable results. Using distributed ledger technology, we are capable of Blockchain IoT app Development to create the perfect interoperability solution for IoT applications. Talk to our experts to understand better.

Blockchain Technology Consulting

Want to strategize your blockchain solution? We have worked with numerous clients- both startups and enterprises and proposed them the ideal use of their tokens, multi-currency management dashboard, etc. and bringing efficiency in their business in our Blockchain Technology Consulting Service.